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oh, hi.

how have you been? we know, we know. adulting is hard and time gets away from us all. we made a decision to update our web site, but then what felt like a flash, we left to go on tour and are /still/ building out this site.  so, it will happen slowly.  for now, the info, bio, and tour dates will be kept up-to-date and you can stream all our self-released titles for free! 

We are still composing for television and film. "Shades of Blue" is our current show. Hopefully, we will have a couple more this season. fingers crossed!

we are out on tour with our Revolution bandmates, bobby, mark and matt. it's bittersweet, but has been a wonderful experience and we needed to do this to heal and process our very real pain.

see you out there!
love, lisa & wendy


Los Angeles   Final Edition   Weather: Fair, breezy 72 degrees   25 cents


The title is taken from a lyric in the Joni Mitchell song, "Hejira".

White Flags of Winter Chimneys was our first self-released album. It is our fifth studio album and was released December 2008. The album was written, played, and produced all by us. We also released a beautiful 180 gram blue swirly vinyl version.



Released in 2011. Snapshots is an EP of previously unreleased material. Included with the CD was a tri-fold insert with snapshots taken by Wendy & Lisa, and the history behind each song. There were various limited edition packages available. One was a super package which offered an expanded coffee table book (limited to just 25 in the world) and signed & numbered prints. All the books were individually personalized and bespoked the heck out by Wendy & Lisa.


Girls in a room full of brothers.

Girl Bros. was originally released in 1998, and re-released by Wendy & Lisa in 2009. It has two album cover variants. The original CD release (World Domination Records) was a photo, taken by Tchad Blake, of Wendy & Lisa walking in Downtown L.A. When a Japanese label wanted to release Girl Bros. they asked for an alternate, brighter cover, and so was born the pop art-esque meteor girls cover.


Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman

A little playlist of cues and main title themes that you have heard on network television, and some cues and themes that have never been heard before. 


Wendy & Lisa are currently on tour with the Revolution.

Wendy & Lisa are on tour with the Revolution



          (infrequent, but we try.)


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