we're making our way baaaack!

here is the page that will offer up the tools and information for you to listen, chat and be involved with all things Girl Bros. Radio.


Click here to join the chat:


Chat via your Mobile Device

Here's info on where you can investigate some MOBILE DEVICE OPTIONS to join that chat as well. No one should miss the chance to be a part of the Girl Bros. Radio Live Chat with Wendy & Lisa.


Girl Bros Radio and internet players

You have the nice little blog style player to your right and there are also these pages which have more Live365 content and extras.

Station Page -- adds "favoriting," likes, and other functions, but shows advertising.

Broadcast Page: Launch the Live365 Radio Player here - no ads, but then no favorites, likes, etc.

iTunes -- the default these days. sounds pretty good, but the widgets and above listed station pages seem to have far less drop outs and refreshes. also, iTunes either chooses not to, or does not support the playlist format of Live365 broadcasts. hrrrrmmm.


Direct Stream MP3 Link Access

Direct access the MP3 stream here handy if you want to play a stream in iTunes, Winamp, or on even on your iPhone, XBOX Media Center, or any other compatible device you'll need the direct stream URL. If you are already using an internet radio player you like, then just add this URL to your favorites


Podcasts and Setlist Archives